Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Birthday Wishes

So it was my very special day last Friday, I turned 70 in a 22 year old body... that's ok with me. My mother, every year calls me an old soul, and i think I'm ok with that too. I haven't got in gifts since wow...15 years old. Money is great from my family but i miss being surprised and this year, i was very surpised. My friends gave me a wounderfule party, filled with little and homemade gifts. I couln't of ask for better gifts and friends. My mother, for the second year thought it would be brillent to make me roam around the house finding fliers of my pictures of it. To my suripse , i missed on this year hah. Last but DEF not least, my other half mike gave me the best and most inprational gift of all. A Sewing machine, not any sewing machine but a 20035376638 Singer Inspiration, something like that hah. Of all the things i asked for he hit it right on the spot. Now he's going to ask me to make him a 1920's vest. I'm extatic to make my own clothes and now i have all the tool's in front of me! Thanks to all of my better halfs in my life! I will sew you all a pillow case heh.

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