Saturday, September 12, 2009


OK so, for the past three years i have been searching for my lighthouse. I searched the coast of CT, RI, Mass, NH and finally my home away from home, Maine. I have been on foot, boat and yes plane to find a lighthouse just my size( to somewhat rap my arms around it), text, color and the light it gives off. Lighthouses to me are what a new state and country are to others. I find them breathtaking, inspirational, peaceful and i find hope within them. Soon as i found more appreciation for these Big and Small lights of hope, my love came along and found passion in old but familiar structure as well. We explore New England just for these excitements. We wonder miles out sea and inland, just so we can admire these Structures. Every Light house has an amazing story from helping sailors home to haunted story of shipwrecks near by. I found my lighthouse, just off the of Portland Maine, called BUG LIGHT. See if it was just a little smaller and not so BIG, than i could hug it better. I think my Love agrees. heh

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